Welcome to my homepage. I am an associate professor at the Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, where I have had a small research group since 2015. Before starting my research group in Denmark I spent three years as a postdoc in Matthew Stephens’ lab in the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Chicago and numerous months as a visiting PhD student at UC Berkeley in my supervisor Rasmus Nielsen‘s lab. My educational background is in Computer Science and Maths (BSc), Bioinformatics (MSc) and population genetics and statistical genetics (PhD).

The research in my research group is focused on developing and applying statistical and computational methods to genomic data to solve problems in both population and medical genetics. Within population genetics we are mainly interested in trying to gain insights into how the human species has evolved and how the world was peopled. Within medical genetics we are mainly interested in identifying genetic variants that play role in a number of different diseases and traits, such as type 2 diabetes. For a more elaborate overview of our research see “Research“. The most recently published papers are also mentioned in “News“.

A lot of our recent research has been focused on the population of the amazingly beautiful country Greenland. The picture on top of this page is a picture taken at dusk on a boat trip among icebergs in the Western part of Greenland.


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