PhD students:

Anne Krogh Nøhr:


Did her MSc at Aalbord University and is currently doing a PhD on psychiatric disorders partly at the University of Copenhagen and partly at Lundbeck.


Ryan K Waples:

Ryan Waples

Did his MSc at University of Washington and his PhD in my lab. His is currently working on inferring the genetics history of the Greenlandic population.

Cindy Santander:


Did her PhD at Oxford university and joined the lab June 2019 to work on selection and the effects of epidemics.


Previous students:

Emil Vincent R Appel (I was his Phd co-supervisor). Now senior research scientist at Qiagen.

Thorfinn Sand Korneliussen (I was his PhD co-supervisor during the last part of his PhD). Now assistant professor at SNM.

Ryan K Waples. (I was his main supervisor). Defended his PhD June 2019. Now a postdoc in the lab.


Future lab members:

I am not currently recruiting but feel free to contact me if you are interesting in joining!