Ida Moltke:

Version 2

Associate professor, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen.

PhD students:

Anne Krogh Nøhr:


Did her MSc at Aalborg University and is currently doing a PhD on psychiatric disorders partly at the University of Copenhagen and partly at Lundbeck.

Frederik Filip Stæger:


Did his MSc in Bioinformatics at UCHP and wrote his MSc thesis in collaboration with Novo Nordisk. Now works with association analysis of sequenced human populations coupled with deep phenotypic data.


Cindy Santander:


Did her PhD at Oxford university and joined the lab June 2019 to work on selection and the effects of epidemics.

Xiaodong Liu:

Did his PhD at University of Uppsala and joined the lab in January 2020 to work on the evolutionary effect of epidemics. He has most recently been working on harbour seal populations that underwent severe epidemics in 1988 and 2002.

Liam Quinn:


Did his PhD at UCL and joined the lab in February 2020 to work on the population genetics of the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea and the effects of the kuru epidemic.

Previous Phd students and postdocs:

Emil Vincent R Appel (I was his Phd co-supervisor). Now senior research scientist at Qiagen.

Thorfinn Sand Korneliussen (I was his PhD co-supervisor during the last part of his PhD). Now assistant professor at SNM.

Ryan K Waples (I was his main supervisor). Defended his PhD June 2019. Stayed in the lab as a postdoc for a year.

Future lab members:

I am not currently hiring but I am always interested in talented, motivated students and postdocs, so feel free to write me if you are interested in joining my lab!